Yoursz, a real estate property platform for global Chinese buyers, is committed to functioning as a bridge to connect global Chinese investors with one another.

Yoursz (YouZi) in Chinese means, “Selecting Premium Real Estate Properties.” We aim to provide overseas property information, news, and relevant articles to global Chinese buyers. Property information may include residential, commercial, and industrial properties, as well as farmland and vineyards. Our footprint covers many countries throughout the world; this enables us to provide the most comprehensive, authentic, and timely property information to our customers.

We are not sales driven; instead, we apply fundamental approaches to our investment activities. We assist our customers in achieving investment returns and high yield with minimum cost and low taxation.

Our team is made up of a group of young, creative, passionate, and enterprising professionals. We have ambition, passion, and aspiration for success. Our working staff combined has more than 80-90 years of experience in overseas real estate industry. Furnished with insightful knowledge on overseas properties and extensive understanding of the global property market, we have the passion to resolve problems with a keen eye for detail. We are professional, objective, and impartial.

Yoursz uses global property Chinese mapping with more than 1 million listings from more than 45 countries. We will provide our customers with the most updated overseas property news, immigration laws, and strategies in buying properties overseas. In addition, we will host international property investment conferences to assist in building international property networking online and offline., headquartered in Hong Kong, was officially launched in May of 2016. We have operation offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and the United States of America.

Our wide range of customer base allows our global Chinese customers to gain access to our Chinese property portal from anywhere in the world.

Until now we have attracted world-renowned property agents and real estate consulting companies as our loyal customers. Our customers include independent realtors and a large number of registered overseas agencies. Our customer base can be found in more than 26 countries worldwide.